Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m a Cebu-based community builder working as a Project Manager at Symph. My passion is to help develop the Philippines’ startup ecosystem by facilitating Startup Weekend programs and supporting Symph’s vision of becoming the happiest place for startups. I’ve been volunteering for more than five years and working for four and counting. On top of doing the stuff I do in the real world, I wanted to keep empowering people to be initiators (and do-ers) in the communities they care about by writing down what I’ve learned in creating communities and in trying to improve myself to hopefully create a dynamic guide for those wanting to start (and run) their own communities.

I’m as much of a work in progress as any other 20-something out there so if you’d like to add any input, disagree with any of my thoughts, or just want to talk, then leave a comment and I’ll be happy to listen.

As for my other profiles online, I generally maintain my LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. My old blog and my Medium account are still around in the internet, if you want to check them out too.

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Ashley Uy Understanding the Innovative Startup Act

Understanding the Innovative Startup Act

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