Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m a Cebu-based community builder working as a Project Manager at Symph. My passion is to help develop the Philippines’ startup ecosystem by facilitating Startup Weekend programs and supporting Symph’s vision of becoming the happiest place for startups. I’ve been volunteering for the communities I love for more than five years and working for the company that I love for four and counting.

In my quest to empower communities, I realized that it starts with empowering the self. The root cause of many problems community leaders face is the culture and mindset of their own locality – how might we then create not only a community of technical experts but also of human beings who are open to change and have the will to collaborate towards a better collective future?

I hope this blog becomes a dynamic resource people can use to learn how to work with communities and design interactions that not only empower the collective goal but also each individual contributing to the whole.

I’m as much of a work in progress as any other 20-something out there so if you’d like to add any input, disagree with any of my thoughts, or just want to talk, then leave a comment and I’ll be happy to listen.

As for my other profiles online, I generally maintain my LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. My old blog and my Medium account are still around in the internet, if you want to check them out and here is my resume, if you’d like to download it.

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