Ashley Uy studying for Term 1 finals in an airbnb in Tokyo

Thoughts on MBA Applications

A few people have asked me for tips on getting accepted into MBA programs and complementary scholarships and although I don’t have a breadth of experience in this area, I’ll try to share my thoughts and observations from when I went through the application process and hopefully this will give you an additional perspective in your MBA journey.

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Ashley holding up her covid-negative certificate at Narita Airport

MEXT-YLP 2020 MBA: What happens after acceptance?

Clarification: While this blogpost was written during the COVID-19 crisis and mentions the anomalies in the process we experienced, the intent of the blogpost is to cover the base steps that I believe is consistent regardless of economic conditions. Hopefully, my batch is the edge case and future scholars can enjoy this experience more fully in the future.

I’m probably one of the lucky few who received some good news after the COVID-19 crisis hit last March 2020 when I received my acceptance e-mail into the Hitotsubashi ICS MBA program as a fully-funded scholar through MEXT-YLP.

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Ashley facilitating at Startup Weekend Bali 2018

Leaders Don’t Always Have To Be Right

I used to believe that leaders have to always know what’s right. That, in order to be a good one, you have to not only be an expert in your industry but also be able to make the right calls all the time in even the toughest business situations. That’s an unreasonable expectation, of course, but it took me a surprisingly long time to figure that out. After acknowledging the error in my thinking, a lot changed for me; from how I approached leadership and how I interacted with my colleagues and superiors.

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Ashley speaking at a tech event in 2018

Starting to pay attention to Philippine news

General events happening in my country have never interested me in the past because it was difficult for me to see how these policy changes and executive orders could affect my everyday life. But due to recent developments, and now that I’ve been in the workforce for long enough, I’m starting to see the importance of educating myself on the actions of our government so that I may have a more holistic view of the world around me and know how to help change it, if need be.

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Empathy Circle session with Symph team

Finding better formats for online engagement in PH startup community meetups

It has always bothered me that virtual events almost always feel more transactional compared to face-to-face events especially in the startup community scene. Like how lecture-style virtual event formats would make you sit alone in a room, without having the satisfaction of getting to know a seatmate, and have you listen to a series of hour-long talks and calling that experience a โ€œconferenceโ€.

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Ashley Uy in Startup Weekend Bohol 2016 Cringe Interview

Overcommitting: My Worst Habit That Needs Fixing

I’ve always been the type of person who wants to do everything that excites me because it brings me fulfillment and joy; but because of that, I often find myself in situations that I’m not truly excited about because I didn’t think hard enough before committing to them. Even though these instances burn me out, I keep finding myself repeating the same cycle of mistakes over and over again and it frustrates me that I still can’t crack the code of balance and contentment.

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Ashley Uy at Startup Weekend Brunei 2018

I fought for the future while ignoring the present

Politics and local news have never interested me while growing up because they’re often relayed in either really deep Bisaya or Tagalog. I mean, I can speak fluent conversational Bisaya and a some Tagalog to survive travelling around Luzon but for the life of me, I cannot fully understand what’s written in publications and spoken by news stations. Given this, it’s pretty hard to get into something you don’t understand or not have reliable subtitles for – but recent events have proven to me that this shouldn’t have stopped me from making an effort.

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Ashley and Goldy hugging at Techstars APAC Summit 2017

Dealing with negativity when volunteering

“You should’ve done it this way.” or “This event sucks. What I would’ve done is…”

These comments sound familiar? There’s always this one guy/gal who stands in the corner of the room with a “high-and-mighty” glare, telling everyone but you about what he/she “would’ve done differently” and walks away without ever actually trying to do something.

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