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Ashley facilitating at Startup Weekend Bali 2018

Leaders Don’t Always Have To Be Right

I used to believe that leaders have to always know what’s right. That, in order to be a good one, you have to not only be an expert in your industry but also be able to make the right calls all the time in even the toughest business situations. That’s an unreasonable expectation, of course, but it took me a surprisingly long time to figure that out. After acknowledging the error in my thinking, a lot changed for me; from how I approached leadership and how I interacted with my colleagues and superiors.

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Ashley Uy smiling with other Self-taught managers at Symph

5 Tips for Self-Taught Project Managers

It’s been more than a year that I’ve held the Project Manager position at Symph and I’ve picked up things along my journey that really helped me continue my learning as a PM. I’m not a pro, far from it. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with no class on “Management” whatsoever. The only thing, I suppose, that qualified me for the role was my years of doing volunteer work for the community; specifically, organizing events and looking for and communicating with sponsors.

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