Me realizing Chai and Amali Roslin of SW Brunei were twins

Done Is Better Than Perfect

The blogpost before this one was the first in many months. In the intro of said blogpost, it said that I made a resolution to be more consistent with my blogging starting… a year ago. Ironically, that article was supposed to come out a month earlier than it eventually did. I finished writing the content for it in a day and thought that it’d be up for the internet to see in the next – but it wasn’t.

I did a bit of thinking after finally posting it and thought: “What went wrong?”

What stopped me from delaying the posting of an article that was essentially done?

And then I realized,

I wanted to be extra.

What that means for those of you not in on the meme culture (no shame in that, I don’t think it’s particularly “cool” either but it makes some words more fun at times) is that I wanted to add a bit more oompf to my blogpost. A small gif here, various screenshots there that I have to design; sure, these things would make the blogpost more visually appealing – engaging even – but doing that takes time.

Blogging has long been at the third or fourth of my priority list for the last three years and I have to recognize I don’t have time to put all that extra attention into each and every blogpost if I want to focus on the things higher up in the list. Living a healthier lifestyle, for example. I can’t do well in everything, and I have to pick my battles.

I enjoy writing though, don’t get me wrong. And I still want quality content injected into my blogposts. I love writing down what I think and sharing the lessons I’ve learned to help other people better; it’s why I started this blog in the first place. But I realized that I don’t have to be extra. That my words are enough. I just gotta get better at actually writing. Granted, that will prove to be another challenge in itself but at least I don’t have to leave the text editor to do it.

So I’ll be more consistent this time. One featured image and my well-written thoughts. I think that’ll be enough.

Photo Credits © Startup Weekend Brunei


2 thoughts on “Done Is Better Than Perfect

  1. Monch Weller

    It’s a challenge to reach your audience if they are more focused on images (short attention spans + the visual generation), but too much pictures tend to muddle the actual message.


    1. mashleyuy Post author

      That’s true. Thanks for the viewpoint, Monch! I felt the need to include those before as I write “how-to” articles so visuals would illustrate what I mean better. They just take time to make!

      Liked by 1 person


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