Ashley Uy

Curiosity in Communities

Yes, this is a new blog; and yes, it’s title isn’t something as corny as Ashlinspiraiton.

I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for quite some time now. A year, give or take. And disconnecting myself from my obligations to churn out blogposts experience after experience made me reflect on what type of content I wanted to create compared to what I was currently serving. I wanted a space where I could share what I’ve learned, that challenges me to delve deeper than what was revealed – not a documentation of the mundane blow-by-blow program flow I seemed to be stuck in as of late.

Not that I’m giving up Ashlinspiration. It’ll always be up on the net and it’ll always be close to my heart. But, I thought, this could be the space where I could start anew – this little corner of the internet where I could truly create content that challenges me both as a writer and an aspiring connector.

Communities, the study and interaction of which, has always been a passion of mine and it is only until recently that I have considered thinking of it as a serious area of specialization with innovation and environmental ecosystems at the forefront.

It was quite a shock to me when I found out I enjoyed doing research on organizational processes and user interactions, the analytical process that comes after it, most of all the action planning and execution. I want to learn more of that methodology and to be able to apply it to the communities that I care most deeply about. Hopefully, if my lucky stars are shining, I might get to do this full time.

SO with all my hopes and dreams laid out there, let’s give this a shot shall we?


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