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Stuff that I’ve learned over the years as a tech community builder.

TechLadies Cebu Meetup

How To Get Sponsors For Community Events In The Philippines

As much as we’d like to partake in the noble endeavor of creating opportunities for the community, it all boils down to one thing: money. Or more specifically, the acquisition of resources.  Without a venue, where will the event happen? Without speakers, where will you get content? Without marketing, how will you get participants?

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How To Start Organizing Community Events In The Philippines

Community members have been asking me this question as of late and I’ve been wondering about the sudden interest. A few assumptions came to mind: (1) that community members are starting to be proactive and are forming niche groups on their own, and (2) are now either motivated or frustrated enough of the state of existing opportunities and decided “F*ck it, we’ll get up our asses and make our own.” – both of which are possibilities that I find beautiful.

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Ashley Uy

Supporting the Supporters

I haven’t been to a lot of meetups lately but when I heard SlingshotPH was doing an echo event in Cebu I was super excited.

Government and I have been in a love-hate relationship ever since in my years as a community builder (and I guess many of you know why). Despite my bittersweet feelings, the insights I’ve gained from some of the best mentors I’ve met within their team drove me to believe that there is a part of our government that is fighting for change and, through SlingshotPH, I wanted to know who those people were and how we can help support them in their push for a better innovation ecosystem.

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